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Carservis Zdeněk Marek - České Budějovice

Our partner company, car service Zdeněk Marek offers you professional service for all brands of vehicles in České Budějovice. From minor to very complex repairs requiring expensive equipment and professional knowledge

In our Czech service we carry out regular service and maintenance of cars even under warranty. We will repair your car engine, transmission, air conditioning, brakes, steering, dampers, exhaust, clutch, chassis, bodywork, paint, wiring, turbo, injection, etc.

Opening hours of the car service in České Budějovice
Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:00,
Saturday 9:00 - 12:00.
After a phone call, it may be different.

Overview of car service in České Budějovice
Original spare parts and accessories
Towing service - in case of inability to travel to us, we will like to drive your car not only to České Budějovice
We repair all brand vehicles
Complete tire service, tire and disc sale of both older and new + tire storage in České Budějovice
We provide a complete service inspection of your vehicle including the preparation and execution of emission and technical inspection.
Installation and sale of towing equipment
Replacement vehicle
Wheel Geometry
Speed ​​service without prior ordering (diagnostics, bulb replacement, air conditioning service, car battery replacement, tire repair, etc.)
Bodywork and varnishing work
Air conditioning and disinfection repairs, leakage detection
Complete service including the handling of insured events
Claims settlement not only in České Budějovice and South Bohemia
Individual approach to each customer

Our partner South Bohemian company, the Zdeněk Marek Autoservice based in České Budějovice, offers you expert service for all vehicle brands. From minor to very complex repairs requiring expensive equipment and professional knowledge

Basic pricelist for repairs by the parts supplied by us
mechanical work 400, - CZK / hour
plumbing work 400, - CZK / hour
electric work 600 CZK / hour
changeover, balancing, new valve insert from 250, - CZK
towing within the Czech Republic 15 CZK / km
extraction from abroad 15, - CZK / km + charges


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