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We provide quality and individualized passenger transport in the small group segment from 1 to 8 people in the Czech Republic, Europe and Turkey, both for domestic and foreign clients. Clients of 1plus-JČ-CZ include travel agencies, hotels and schools. We also provide transportation to cultural events, exhibitions, hotels, wedding receptions and airport transfers.

We offer some of the lowest prices on the market from CZK 12 per kilometer including VAT and all motorway and parking fees. The actual price quote depends on mileage and journey days. You will receive a free shipping cost calculation to your email at the latest within 7 days of the transport request.

Before each ride, the car passes a technical inspection and cleaning of the interior. All cars are equipped with seat belts on all seats. As a standard bonus, we offer free of charge sparkling or non-sparkling water for every shipment. Convenient seats and car air conditioning contribute to comfortable driving. After agreement with the client, we will also provide delicious refreshments during the trip.

All the seats in the bus are insured. The carrier is also insured for the delivery of a spare car in the Czech Republic and abroad. All our drivers are rich in experience, reliability and trouble-free communication. They have a good GPS and have a detailed look at the path of the road ahead of it. Only high-quality fuels are loaded into our cars.

Company 1plus JČ-CZ, s.r.o. ensures group transport of your children to school.

Safe transport
Our minibuses, unlike public transport buses, are equipped with belts, and we make sure your children are strapped all the time.
We employ only drivers with years of experience.
We transport only quality and regularly serviced minibuses.
We're giving your baby a look at you. The driver will check if your child has been picked up when picking up and otherwise sends parents sms.
Unbeatable price
You will pay from 89 to 119 CZK per day for the transportation of your children, depending on the minibus load.
If the contract is concluded for 3 years or more, the price is significantly reduced.
Ask your municipality's delegates for a transport allowance for your child and reduce the shipping cost!
Try our first day free shipping!
We transport your children from the agreed places of your village or right at your home and stand and board right in front of the school.
We transport only air-conditioned minibuses.
As an ancillary service, we provide the children's minibus drinking regime.
Time savings
We will take over your concerns about the transport of children to school and save you several hours a week.
Take a seat instead of waiting in traffic jams for what you enjoy!

Need more information? Contact us any working day from 7:00 to 18:00 on the phone number +420 776 311 794 or emailem on


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